On this project we are going to make a poster with information of our favourite planet. It must include the name of the planet as well as some basic information, pictures, graphics and some curious data as "what would be our date and age on that planet".
To do it, we will follow the following steps:
1. Read all the information that you can about your planet. Don't worry if you don't understand everything. The goal is just to have a general idea of your planet. You can find all the information HERE Then, select the relevant information to complete the task in the "Planet Report Chart"
2. With the information given, write a short text for every section of your report and show them to the teacher for revision. correct any possible mistake and write the 'clean' version of all texts on your word processor.
3. Find interesting and appropriate pictures of different aspects of your planet and save them on a file in your computer. Note down the references for the images (author, website...)
4. Make a draft of your poster (including text and pictures layout) and add some decoration: frames, flowers... and show it to the teacher before doing the 'final version'
5. To make an online version of your poster, go to GLOGSTERand follow the teacher instructions for registration and further work. If you find it difficult to work with Glogster, try using You can get similar results.
6. When your poster is finished, publish it and put a link on this page.
Good luck!!

When you finish, leave a link or embed your poster in the space under your name:

Amado Pérez, María del Pilar

Arnedo Maldonado, Antonio

Avellaneda López, María Fenety

Campoy Jiménez, Estefanía

Carmona Cortés, Cristian

Carmona Cortés, Juan Manuel

Carmona López, Paula

Cifuentes Asensio, Miguel Ángel

Cifuentes Cano, Juan Manuel

De la Rosa Cano, Inés

Escudero Ruiz, Miguel

Ferres Pintor, Mercedes

Gallego Cid, Alba

Gallego Moreno, María

García Bustos, Julio

García García, Ángel

Le Coq Rodríguez, Pablo

López Jiménez, Andrea

Lorenzo Gallego, María

Melgar Ruiz, Laura

Montes Aranda, Álvaro

Ortiz Rodríguez, Alejandro

Pérez Rodríguez, Miranda

Piñero González, Pablo

Quiñonero Haro, Sergio

Quirantes Bamohamed, Ismael

Rodríguez Luceno, Juan Carlos

Romera Rubiño, Raúl

Tarragona Carrascosa, Alejandro

Vinuesa Gallego, Daniel